Education Services

Many colleges are running on legacy systems and the colleges are not able to get real time data which leads to improper learning schedule by the educators and the students are on the wrong path. Today colleges and universities are trying to implement enterprise wide application which help them to have robust and secure system which will help the educators to communicate with the students effectively.

Quinco Consulting provide specialized & end to end solutions for Education Industry. With diverse experience, we have across module experience with student profile, student portal, faculty management, Enrolment, Library Management system, attendance & financial management which is a part of flexible payment management for the students when enrolled to the course. The Solutions can be delivered to customers as a service where in Quinco Consulting to take full responsibility for the functionality and make sure all the requirements are met.

Consulting Solution Service:

Dynamics 365

With the Implementation of Dynamics 365, it helps education institutions to gain information into student’s data and analytics which help the faculty to achieve in transforming the students capability.

Quinco Consulting deliver great customer value experience throughout implementation of Dynamics 365 which will help educational institutions to achieve the desired goals for the students. With Dynamics 365 providing information about students which helps the educators to deliver a personalized training across all categories. Dynamics provides faculty, student and staff to resolve their own issues through the dynamics self service module. Dynamics 365 is available both On-Premise & Cloud. Our support includes Implementation, support, upgradation & training

Campus Solution

PeopleSoft campus solution serves all types of educational institutions which includes private universities, research institution’s, private colleges and multi campus systems. PeopleSoft campus solution is being used in over 800 campus across the globe. PeopleSoft campus solution provides real time data to educators and which leads specific actions. At Quinco Consulting, we have large pool of experienced consultants who can deliver quality solutions to customers in the education sectors. Quinco Consulting has diverse experience in implementation, support, upgradation & training in Enterprise PeopleSoft campus solution.

  • Campus Community
  • Recruiting & Admission
  • Student records
  • Student Financials
  • Campus self service

Also Quinco Consulting provide Oracle Student cloud solution for Campus which will transform their system into more robust & flexible environment which provides realtime data access to the faculty

Students Analytics

Since educational institutions have huge amount of data, bringing in analytics will help colleges and universities to align their data in a proper way to make decisions. Through student analytics institutions will be provided with real time reports and analytics which will empower them in enrolment, improve retention rates, identify courses where not many students have enrolled and identify faculty overloads. Quinco Consulting has experience in implementing Analytics using various tools & methodologies which will help customers to reduce their painpoints.