Enterprise Application

As a consulting organization Quinco Consulting provides integrated solution which provides business solutions to customers from project acceptance to Delivery. Quinco Consulting deliver high end to end, cost effective solution across various verticals. Quinco Consulting delivers end to end consulting solution which involves Enterprise resource planning, Financials Management, Cloud ERP, Product life cycle management & Supply chain management, Workday and Integrations to external application (Non ERP)


Manufacturing is a key industry for Quinco Consulting in delivering ERP solutions for clients using Oracle Applications and Small Business Solutions. Quinco Consulting experience covers a wide variety of manufacturing including discrete, process, repetitive, and configure to order.

Companies that engage in manufacturing processes have requirements in common whether they are discrete or process, or repetitive or flow based. At a high level they all share some basic tenets of planning, scheduling, material consumption, and finished product, but each has its own unique characteristics.

Oracle Manufacturing Operations Center (MOC) which is built on next generation architecture collecting data from Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs),Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA) and Distributed Control Systems (DCS) resides between the Enterprise Resource Planning and the shop floor to integrate the periodic and transactional world of ERP with real-time, fragmented shop floor manufacturing equipment.

At Quinco Consulting we have the below expertise to provide solutions to both Manufacturing and Supply Chain management (On Premise & Cloud) offers broad suite of capabilities for manufacturing automation and customer satisfaction.


  • Oracle Manufacturing
  • Oracle Inventory
  • Advanced Pricing
  • Order Management
  • Global Order Promising
  • Manufacturing Operation Centre
  • Enterprise Asset Management
  • Oracle SCM Cloud

Enterprise Financials & Human Capital Management

Business Challenges

Every organization in the Industry is going through IT transformation and finding tough challenges in consolidating their financial/Human resource process . Due to Incomplete Information, manual process & audit issues, organization is not able to take any strategic decision which will impact the Industries growth and needs Integration of various applications which will give the consolidated data to higher management.

Business IT Solutions

At Quinco Consulting, we provide end to end solution implementation which will solve Industries problem. We have highly experienced consultants both on the domain and technology who can understand the customer pain points and deliver the solution. At Quinco Consulting we have the below expertise to provide solutions to both Financials and Human capital management (On Premise & Cloud) offers broad suite of capabilities for finance automation and customer satisfaction.

Financial Management

  • Oracle E-Business Suite Financials
  • Financial Accounting Hub
  • Oracle ERP Cloud
  • Small Business Automation - Finance

Human Capital Management

  • Oracle Human Capital Management
  • PeopleSoft Human Capital Management
  • Oracle HCM Cloud
  • Workday
  • Small Business Automation - HR

Accounting Transformation

With the implementation of Financial Accounting Hub, it helps banks immensely to integrate legacy System with Enterprise General Ledger and bring improved reporting and Analysis. Financial Accounting Hub enforce controls with best in class governance and risk & compliance. Single common platform that supports all mandates and regulations and manages all controls and risks from end-to-end. Financial Accounting Hub handles large volume of data to drive efficiency of Financial Process.

Customer Relationship Management

The Customers of today have changed since they have been empowered with more information and have access to multiple channels & resource’s. Recognizing today’s empowered customers and engaging the empowered customer gives competitive edge.

Quinco Consulting offer smarter solutions for customers who can take their customer relationship to the next level of business stratergy with revenue, profitability and customer satisfaction. The new Engagement module supports unified sales and service in many of the B2B Industries which exceeds customer expectation with smarter CX integrated with Mobile technology. At Quinco Consulting we have the expertise on Integrated, unified customer experience and Analytics

At Quinco Consulting we have the below expertise to provide solutions to various customers (On Premise & Cloud) offers broad suite of capabilities of CRM and customer satisfaction.

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Commerce
  • Social
  • Service
  • CPQ
  • CX Analytics
Customer success stories:


Enterprise Retek

The retail Industry is going through a rapid technological change than any other industry. Since the consumers are highly equipped with the latest information and have access to multiple resources it is an exciting industry with changes in consumer behavior , increased consumer demand and Challenging to do business. At the same time retail industry is facing numerous supply chain challenge & limited visibility. At Quinco Consulting, we have experienced domain consultants along with IT professions who understand the business of retail industry who can deliver high end solutions to retail industry. The retail industry needs to have combination of technologies like ERP, CRM, BI which can be integrated with IOT and Data Analytics.

Consulting Services:

Store Inventory Management (SIM)

One of the biggest challenges a retailer faces is lost sales opportunities caused by out of stock positions or worse, because the store associate was unable to locate an item. Oracle Retail Store Inventory Management (SIM) helps store personnel to perform many in-store operations. A store inventory system helps you maintain accurate inventory positions, track where that inventory is, and can provide visibility to this information for all channels, saving the sale.

Retail Labels

The application functionality provides the ability to print tags and labels at individual stores, using templates provided by the corporate headquarters. The list of items that require a tag or label can come from either corporate headquarters or from the individual store.

Warehouse Management

In a supply chain, warehouse management is critical since it acts as a network between consumer and retailer. Quinco Consulting provide end to end consulting, implementation and technology solution. Quinco Consulting provide a cost effective Warehouse Management deployment for the customers.


Quinco Consulting consultants are experienced in integration retail system with Oracle or SAP. The integration scope involves development of outbound interface API to transfer data (daily Sales) to Oracle& SAP. Inbound Interface from Oracle/SAP to retail system to transfer details like inventory data, pricing, bar code details, store hierarchy , organization hierarchy etc.